On Air

btfly.gif The Green Quick Fixes Five, on WATD’s Southshore Morning News, aired every other Tuesday at 8:40 a.m. from April 19, 2011 – March 20, 2012


***This was fun, but WordPress no longer allows audio file uploads without more upgrades! There are five podcasts on my website.***


What is Green Quick Fixes and 5 Tips for Getting Started: MsGreenQuickFixes0419

Taking Back the Tap in the Southshore: MsGreenQuickFixes0503

Eating Local in the Southshore: MsGreenQuickFixes0517

Planning Greener Parties: MsGreenQuickFixes0531

Green-up Your Sunblock and Bug Spray: MsGreenQuickFixes0614

Solar Powers Massachusetts!: MsGreenQuickFixes0628

Capture Cooler Air for Less: MsGreenQuickFixes0712

It’s Easy to Conserve Water!: MsGreenQuickFixes0726

 Water Smart Lawns: MsGreenQuickFixes0809

Recycling on the Go: MsGreenQuickFixes0823

Adventures in Canning: MsGreenQuickFixes0906

Cleaning out the Garage and Basement: MsGreenQuickFixes0920

You Can Upgrade Your Laptop: MsGreenQuickFixes1004

It’s Easy to Shop Green in the Southshore: MsGreenQuickFixes1018

Weather and Weatherizing: MsGreenQuickFixes1101

Green Politics Update: MsGreenQuickFixes1115

Green Gifts: MsGreenQuickFixes1129

Green Travel: MsGreenQuickFixes1213

Kicking it off Green: MsGreenQuickFixes0112

Challenging Recyclables: MsGreenQuickFixes0124

Green Drinks: MsGreenQuickFixes0207

Green Cleaning: MsGreenQuickFixes0221

Making Your Own Cleaning Products: MsGreenQuickFixes0306

One Year of the Green Quick Fixes: MsGreenQuickFixes0320


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