After the rush and joy of the holidays, there is the cleanup. You are probably hurrying around sorting trash and recycling so you can just sit down with those awesome leftovers and curl up with your new beloved gadgets.

When Santa is back in the North Pole and the Menorah is burning for the 8th night, you begin the wrap-up.

What I’ve noticed is most pressing–there is an overwhelming need for batteries, and an avalanche of wrapping paper (most of which is not recyclable) to contend with!

Here are today’s Green Quick Fixes 5 to rescue you:

1. Buy rechargeable batteries–they last a few years and can power up your digital cameras and remote control tinker toys. They will save you $$$$ and reduce the size of your battery waste bag.

2&3. Try eco-friendlier alkaline batteries that are 100 percent free of chemicals, made from recycled casing, and manufactured carbon-neutral.

The carbon-neutral “Venom Power Eco Alkaline” batteries are cadmium, lead, and mercury-free.

Fuji EnviroMAX is free of mercury, cadmium, and PVC and are made from plastic–not steel. The packaging is recycled paper and recyclable PET plastic.

Both are widely available. Want to know more about batteries? Check out EcoBatteries.net

4. You love the holidays because now you have a laptop, tablet, and a smart phone, right?

Well, my friend, you need a power strip! It not only offers surge protection for your devices, but the on-off switch prevents vampire power and will reduce the strain on your energy bill.

Go one step further and get the Eco-Strip 2.0–it will shut off power to your printer and other peripherals automatically when you power down your desktop or laptop.

5. Finally, what to do with all that wrapping paper? You’ve got a bag of it from the family exchange just sitting in the garage, right?

I found this tip today on Yahoo and I love it!

Pull that bag of wrapping paper back in the house and get it right to the paper shredder. You won’t need to buy tissue paper and packaging bubbles for half the year! It’s a festive way to festoon birthday gifts and cushion packages.

Got more questions about post-holiday reuse and recycling? Check out Sheryl Eisenburg’s Holiday Guide to Reuse and Recycling on the Natural Resources Defense Council’s This Green Life.

Happy New Year!