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When I talk to others about the environmental hazards of over reliance on bottled water and carrying a canteen of tap water instead, some people respond with their concerns about chlorine, lead, and other elements found in municipal water.

So I road tested the Bobble, a personal water canteen with a carbon filter. It’s great!

It also resonates. I had some kids ask me about my curious water bottle while helping out the Salem Sound Coastwatch booth at the recent Peabody Greenfest, and they sent their parents over to talk to me about it. Bobble filters organics and meets standards for chlorine removal, taste, and odor. The parents were really enthusiastic–they wanted to buy one right there, although we weren’t selling anything. Hmmm…a good fundraiser idea?

The clear BPA-free reusable Bobble filters tap water as you drink it, and it’s easy to use. Just unscrew the cap and fill up at any potable sink or public fountain. The 18.5 oz. version costs about $10, and you replace the $6.95 carbon filter cap every two months. It will save you from buying 300 bottles of water if you are one of those people that tends to rely daily on 16 oz. PET bottles. If each water bottle costs you about $1.39, the savings is around $400

Bobble is made from recycled and recyclable plastic and is BPA-free. I haven’t used up my filter yet, but when I do I am going to snap it apart and recycle the plastic. I got mine at EuroStoves in North Beverly and have seen them at Roost in Salem, but there is a long list of retailers, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. Maintenance is simple–wash in warm soapy water and ocassionally soak the filter in boiling water.

The packaging tells you not to leave it in the sun. Luckily the cap is very secure so I have been throwing it in my purse or bag–no leaks. It also fits in my canteen chiller pack, so I am looking forward to taking Bobble along on summer adventures.

For more about Bobble, go to Waterbobble.com.