Those who know me well know that everyday I promote drinking public tap water and have recently formed the ad hoc committee that I co-chair with the amazing Julie Rose of Salem’s Engineering Department, Citizens for Salem/Beverly Water Resources. The committee received a grant from the New England Environment Fund to increase cigarette butt disposal points for pollution abatement and offer public drinking water at our two cities numerous public events.

Twenty portable butt bins will soon be available (August 1) to public event planners, but making the water canteens available has proved challenging because of the Board of Health’s very understandable concerns about how water is served to the public and how the equipment is cleaned. Together, we are working this out and hope to have the five 5-gal. gerry cans available soon.

However, Brita has made it possible for Jack Johnson to do this easily on his tour. While covering biodiesel at his Hartford kick-off show on July 9th, it was amazing to take out my refillable water bottles and walk up to the Brita system set up outside next to the concert hall.

Connecticut’s water was fantastic, so thank you Jack Johnson and Brita for making my day on so many levels. You have no idea how happy this makes  me on the deepest levels, and you have the power to provide teachable moments for one of the most crucial behavioral challenges to ensuring global freshwater supply sustainability. Your support of public drinking water and “take back the tap” efforts makes me want to work even harder.

To learn about Johnson’s use of biodiesel, read my OnEarth Web article, Jack Johnson Continues on the Biodiesel Wave for To the Sea Tour.

More about Citizens for Salem/Beverly Water Resources is online.