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The ANDREA is about the smartest looking air filter on the market. Powered with any house plant, interior designers are enthusiastic about adding this necessary indoor air quality apparatus in tony locals in metropolitan areas.

After all, the revolutionary design made its U.S. debut at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art New York).

Brought to market by France’s LaboGroup after a soft-on-the-eyes French product developer, Mathieu LeHanneur, and Harvard University biomedical engineer David Edwards took some NASA research and made it into a product that helps people breathe easy and respond, “ooh-la-la.”

“Other air filters are all so ugly and big. It’s keeping my breathing and asthma under control, especially around this time of year with pollen,” said one ANDREA owner–Kate, 28, an asthma sufferer living in Brookline, Mass.

The prototype was created for Le Laboratoire, a Paris gallery that features scientist and artist collaborations. ANDREA works because plants absorb chemicals through their leaves and roots. The unit’s fan draws indoor air into the dome then down through a natural multi-stage system of the plant’s leaves, roots, soil, and water–removing toxins and volatile organic compounds–before its recirculated back into the room. Inside the dome and fan-powered (low power consumption, according to LaboGroup), the plant produces better air quality than it would on its own, and much more rapidly. Over 1,000% faster, according to lab test reports.

ANDREA does not require filters and improves the efficiency of formaldehyde removal from the air relative to plants alone by 360%, according to the same lab. When compared to HEPA filters, the efficiency at removing pollutants like formaldehyde (a carcinogen released into indoor air from the breakdown of treated foam products, such as couch cushions) could be as much as 4,400%.

ANDREA Air Filter

"Super cute," said Kate, this plant-powered air filter is "really simple to take care of." Just water it. And if the plant dies, try a low light plant and move to a sunnier spot.

For Kate, she previously owned conventional air filters and she said that some were really noisy.

With the ANDREA filter, “it’s just there.”

For more information, go to the ANDREA Air Web site.