My mobile plan was finally up, my 2-year old Samsung M520 began crashing regularly, and I had almost had it with Sprint’s costs. Or maybe I just almost had it with cell phones in general.

Enter the Samsung Reclaim, a phone whose casing is made from 40% organic corn bioplastic, is 80% recyclable, comes with an Energy Star charger that uses up to 35% less energy, and is packaged (albeit, the box is a bit big) in 70% post consumer content. The box along with tiny literature (the user manual is online) are also printed with soy-based ink.

I had noticed the bright green phone a few times when I went to pay my cell bill. But when Sprint announced it’s everything plan for $69.99 and, probably in honor of Earth Day, a $50 rebate on the Reclaim (making it free) through April 17, 2010–I jumped.

Samsung Reclaim

A Green Phone for the Masses

I’ve added important and fun new features to my mobile phoning–like state-of-the-art GPS with turn-by-turn voice instructions so I won’t get lost all the time, the ability to upload notable visual moments like the first freshwater catch of the 10′ season to Facebook, and a way to Twitter better–but the real icing on the cake for me is knowing that the Reclaim offers less chemicals in my life and impact to the environment when the phone is spent.

This cell phone meets electronic hazards standards in the UK, so its is polyvinyl chloride (PVC, known as the “poison plastic”)-free and also void of brominated flame retardant (bromine is corrosive and toxic). Sprint also donated $500,000 to the Nature Conservancy’s Adopt an Acre program from the sale of the phone and announced a company green initiative where Sprint shops will use low- or VOC-free paint, take energy efficient measures, and more.

The Reclaim is more powerful than any cell phone I’ve had. A “Smart Phone,” it  features 3G broadband, a full Qwerty keyboard that takes some getting used to unless you have tiny fingers, 32GB of memory, and a 2.0 megapixel camera.

No, the Reclaim is not WiFi-enabled and it does not have a touch screen–but I’m simply not there yet with my cell phone needs.

When that happens, I’ll be ready for Samsung’s Blue Earth, a solar-powered touchscreen wonder. Hopefully I’ll be ready for that price tag too, but for now free and greener works!