When running and training for races, I often need some extra oomph to get me on my way or through longer distances.

I do drink coffee, but too much can wreak stomach havoc and give me the jitters. And energy drinks are just not my taste!

Shaklee Energy Chews

Shaklee Lemon Lime Chews are 75% Organic with Caffeine from Green Tea

Enter Shaklee Energy Chews from Cabotfarm Enterprises and Clif Shot Blocks!

Andrea from 7th Mile Run and I recently tested the the 75% energy chews and 95% organic shot blocks, made from things like organic brown rice and caffeine derived from Green Tea. They were great!

“It takes like a Starburst,” Andrea said before reading the Shaklee data sheets which include U.S. Ski Team member testimonials echoing this initial reaction. They didn’t come back up, even with an empty stomach on a long run!

We both thought the second chew (we took a full two for the max single dosage) was a little tart. But for me, it was much better than the strange carbonated tastes of energy drinks.

Clif’s Shot Blocks made really high marks on taste. The Cran-Razz Shot Block was reliable mid-run, melting away in the stomach and energizing the finish.

Shaklee Energy Chews also have the amino acids L-theanine and L-tyrosene, which are said to be mental focusing agents. Along with the Green-Tea derived caffeine, I deifnitely felt focused on my recent running goal–running straight through the blustery Stew Chase 15k and finishing strong.

Even after I anxiously began the race 200 feet from the start line, I paced up quick and finished with enough energy to run a friend in.

Along with my Nathan Spring Hand-Held Hydration Carrier, I didn’t stop once and was able to share shots of Salem/Beverly’s finest tap water. Now I am ready for the next challenge–a half marathon!