Whether it’s 3 p.m. and you are at work, it’s Sunday afternoon and you are watching television, or its family movie night, a store-bought munchy often hits the spot, and the corner convenience store is about as far you want to go.

Luckily many snackfood companies are trying to minimize their carbon footprint or lighten up on chemicals in their products by lining their rooftops with solar energy, paying for 100% wind power offsets, removing chemical dyes, or are going all-out-organic in an effort to reach consumers that are shopping progressively greener.

What’s great is that you can snack a little more consciously with some widely available products. Try Sun Chips (Frito-Lay outfitted one of seven factories that manufacture SunChips with a solar concentrator field and new compostable bags should start hitting the shelves soon ),  Necco Wafers (bonus: they are local for me–made in Cambridge, MA!), Cliff Bar, and Kashi

And for a breath freshener, Tic-Tacs are packaged in plastic 5, as are Brita filters. According to GreenBiz.com, they can all be recycled at select locations, courtesy of Stonyfield, Brita, and recycler Preserve. This company takes your plastic 5 recycling and turns it into disposable tableware and other plastic household products.

What I applaud is that Preserve uses half as much water as other disposables manufacturers! I’ll be trying one of their toothbrushes after I am done polishing off a pack of orange Tic-Tacs.